Shugo Chara! Encore Chapter 1

This is a Kutau (Kuukai x Utau) chapter!!!! YAY!!! Well to sum up, they kiss and Kuukai kinda confesses, if you want a complete summary, I suggest you go to the Official Encore Discussion Thread in Mangafox, the RAWs link is posted there too.


Gakuen Alice: Chapter 127 & KWMS: Chapter 47

Gakuen Alice's Chapter 127 It's out in www.mangafox.com !!! Behind_thy_crimson_eyes translated it real quick!!!! Arigatou!!

As for Maid-sama, just the RAWs; they're at www.raw-paradise.com, and a teaser is in http://tatsukida.pitas.com


Gakuen Alice: Chapter 126

:( *SPOILER* ): This chapter's really sad. Well, the glasses boy, tells Tono that "There's a traitor among us" Tono immediately thinks of Nodacchi and stares at him with disbelief. Then Goshima appears saying that the persuers are coming, they appear, and Natsume makes a Fire Barrier. He tells them to go, that he and Tsubasa will catch up with them later. Sooo sad, Natsumeeee!!!
Well, Hii-sama is "dying" and Shiki senses it. Shiki is taking care of Yukihira-sensei (the HSP) and tells him there's a strong barrier around them, and that nobody will found them.
That's it for now.
By the way, this chapter's in www.onemanga.com


Ranma 1/2 OVA 13

At last is out!! But it's the RAW version :( we'll have to wait until someone tranlates it.


Hana Yori Dango

Lately, there haven't been much releases to post, so I'm going to start posting about different manga, anime and doramas that I recommend; today, I'll tell you about Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers or whatever you prefer to call it.
Manga Version: Anime Version:

Japanese Dorama Version:

Hana Yori Dango is a shojo manga created by Yoko Kamio published in the bi-weekly anthology magazine Margaret, from October 1992 to September 2003. It was collected into 37 tankobon volumes, including 3 special chapters.

Summary: 15-year-old Makino Tsukushi is a common girl who attends high-class high school Eitoku. In Eitoku, all the students are rich, children from great companies; but among these people, there are four guys who are even more important, respected, they are called the F4. This group includes Domyoji Tsukasa, Hanazawa Rui, Nishikado Soujiro and Mimasaka Akira, who make Tsukushi's life impossible until..... Tsukasa falls in love with her.

Anime: 51 episodes + movie (you can watch the anime in http://www.gogoanime.com/)

Japanese Dorama: 2 seasons: 1) 9 ep / 2) 11 ep + 2 movies (1995 & 2008)

Korean Dorama: 25 ep + an special

Taiwanese Dorama: 3 seasons


KWMS: Anime News

Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
Series Composition: Mamiko Ikeda
Original Creator: Hiro Fujiwara
Character Design: Yuki Imoto
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Misaki Ayuzawa Ayumi Fujimura
Takumi Usui Nobuhiko Okamoto
Honoka Kana Asumi
Subaru Kana Ueda
Erika Mariya Ise
Vice President Yukimura Hiro Shimono
More Info and promotion video (in japanese) HERE


KWMS: Chapter 46 RAW

Well, one of the best chapters DEFINETELY!!!!!!!!
-Usui tells Misaki about his past. I think he tells her his mom abandoned him (if I'm wrong forget this) and that his father is japanese while his mom is half-japanese half-english.
-Then, Maria is talking to Tora (Miyabigaoka's kaichou)
-Misaki arrives at school. She talks to Usui about something and he touches her cheek. Something is making a sound, so Misaki goes to see what it is, and is Sakura. She cries and everything, and tells Misa something about the Rock Band Guy she was in love with, I think she has tickets for his concert but nobody can go with her, so she asks her. Sakura says smth and Misa blushes and remembers when she kissed Usui in the cheek.
The RAWs are in www.raw-paradise.com , if you cannot download them, look in the Kaichou wa Maid-sama SPOILER Thread.


Gakuen Alice: Chapter 125 RAW

It's finally out!! Download the RAWs at www.raw-paradise.com .
Some spoilers:
-You-chan is saved by Bear, and is taken to the the Hanahime Shrine (or whatever it is called... xD) where he meets Hayate. All the girls are gushing over him LoL.
-Mikan and the others find some letters from Yuka.
-Tono puts an alice stone (I guess it's his) in Mikan's mouth. Hotaru, Tsubasa, Ruka and especially Natsume look at him grimly xD.
I think this chapter's interesting, but I wanted another Mikan X Natsume moment...
The next chapter's coming out February 5th.


Ouran 77 Translated

Well, of what I understood, they discovered something about a drug the Grantenieux family (Tamaki's mother family) created, and will be sold. Then they realize that tamaki's father, Yuzuru, is not-in some way- the bad guy, because by making Tamaki's mother company stand by itself, then they wouldn't have to rely on the President (Tamaki's Grandmother), and they will be free, but in the other hand, he wants to take the president out of the Suoh Company.
This is the most suspense-drama-action chapter I've ever read in Ouran :D so coooool! hahaha, well, read it by yourself in MangaFox.com :D


Kimi ni Todoke 42

It’s morning. Sawako wakes up and sees a huge note on the back of her chair, “It isn’t a dream.” She looks at her table and it also has a note with a picture of a girl and a hand with the word ‘love’. The note says, “It isn’t a dream, go look at your diary.” Then on her diary, there is a note, “Look.” With beating heart, Sawako opens her diary and reads it. She blushes. In the diary, it said, “Attention: Furthermore, this diary isn’t a figment of your imagination.” Sawako looks up and nervously thinks that apparently, it wasn’t a dream. Then, she goes into the bathroom and looks at the mirror with a note, “It’s real.” She thinks that it really seems like a dream but seeing the notes she wrote before sleeping, it is real. Her father nervously looks at Sawako...
Want to know more? Look for the complete summary in http://tatsukida.pitas.com

KWMS: Chapter 45 RAW

OMFG!!! **SPOILER** What we've been waiting for has finally arrived!! We were totally waiting for a Misa X Usui moment, and the kiss is the best!! Look for the link in the Spoiler Thread in the MangaFox.com forum.


Ouran 77

**SPOILER** Well, this chapter looks quite interesting O_O. It looks like the host club found something about Tamaki's mother ('cause it says "ANNE"), and Kyouya's dad has something to do with it since Kyouya looks so surprised and anxious wen he looks at the info-Haruhi or Hunny- found. Then Tamaki reads something in the newspaper- the same thing the guys see too- and gets all wide-eyed. Hope Omari's Sister or Music Room 3 translates it fast ; ), well then till the next one.


Gakuen Alice Chapter 124

Go to Mangafox.com and search for the new chapter!! P.D: By the way, if you're having trouble with Mangafox.com, try the Beta version: http://beta.mangafox.com


KWMS: Chapter 44

IT'S TRANLATED!!! After so long, but it's already translated! Thanks Potato-Otaku-san for the scans and translation! Go to Mangafox.com and read it!


Gakuen Alice Chapter 124 RAW

Here some spoilers:
-Luna is controlling Subaru (Hotaru's onii-san)
-In the MikanXNatsume moment, Natsume tells her she has to continue with her original plan, and that he and the others will definetely protect her no matter what.
-The others who were fighting, were put into a jail-like place.
-There's a moment when Yo-chan (Youichi), is running after Misaki (not the teacher) tells him something, and he looks up the window and sees the Elementary Division Headmaster (the kid, XP) and gets afraid.
Want the RAWs? HERE


Natsume's Birthday!!

Yeah!! Today is Gakuen Alice's Natsume's Birthday! Since today is a special day for all Gakuen Alice and Natsume-kun's lovers, here is some information 'bout Natsume:
-Name: Natsume Hyuuga 日向 棗

-Age: 11 (since today :D)

-Alice: Fire

-Alice Type: Dangerous Type

-Alice Star Rank: Special

-Alice Shape: Lifespan Shortening

-Alice Control Devices: A blood-red earring, some earring-like thing and a Black Cat's Mask (Kuroneko). Since he refused to do the "dirty work" for the Academy without his mask, he's known as the Black Cat, like Reo explained.

-Relationships: Ruka (best friend), Mikan (first rivals, then they realize their love for each other, but still, they are nothing til now), Persona (hard realtionship/student-sensei), Aoi (sister), Narumi-sensei and Tsubasa-sempai (he hates them)

-Character: Natsume is generally moody and silent. He's considered a pervert -both in the anime and the manga- for pulling Mikan's bra and peeking, as well as watching her panties. He gets easily jealous whenever he sees Mikan get to close to Tono or Tsubasa, as well as Narumi-sensei. Though he seems rude, Natsume actually lies and puts himself the mask of "bad guy" so the ones he loves (such as Mikan, Aoi and Ruka) won't get hurt.